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Philip Wandawa

Mbale, Uganda
Currently lives in:
Kampala, Uganda
Can’t wait to:
Help 21C hone the mindset, posture, and strategies for cross-cultural engagement worldwide, especially in Africa and the Global South.

For more than 25 years, Philip has committed himself to pastor training that cultivates the natural gifts of Christian leaders in developing nations. He has spent his career building and delivering this kind of training and has seen it enable African congregations and communities to flourish.

Philip met Steve and Leanne through the mission activities of  Mountain Life Church in Park City, Utah when Steve was Executive Pastor there. Philip’s vision — to reach disadvantaged pastors and equip them better for what God had already called them to do — aligned precisely with Steve’s.

Philip is married to Joyce, a teacher at an international school in Uganda. The couple has three sons. Their eldest is a software engineer in Chicago; their youngest is in junior high school; and their middle son passed in 2020, now safely rejoicing with the Lord.