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A First-Century Roadmap for Twenty-First Century Christian Leaders

Paul told Timothy to pass on his knowledge of Christ to reliable leaders who could train more reliable leaders.

To grow Christianity today, 21C International follows this timeless wisdom. We empower Christian leaders in developing nations to find, make, and mentor even more Christian leaders. 

The Power of
Old School

In today’s world, we’ve largely forgotten the context of the New Testament.

Teaching in those times was personal, familial, and firsthand. It was tailored for people without formal education.

And it built the most dominant religion on earth: Christianity.

Take Paul’s work with the Ephesians. He visited their city, spoke with them, wrote them a letter, and maintained a long-distance relationship with them. Then Paul relied on the Holy Spirit to multiply the fruits of his labor.

It worked. And 21C International is making it work again.

The Numbers that Drive Our Mission

Christianity is exploding with growth, especially in the Global South.


Number of Christians in the world today


Number of Christians projected worldwide by 2050


Number of Christians in North America and Europe, up from 814MM in 2000


Number of Christians in Africa and Asia, up from 660MM in 2000

0 %

Christianity’s slight growth rate in Europe

0 %

Christianity’s mild growth rate in North America

0 %

Christianity’s high growth rate in Asia

0 %

Christianity’s astounding growth rate in Africa

0 K

Estimated number of Christians baptized every day, 2014

0 K

Estimated number of people who become Christians each day, 2022

0 K

Estimated number of new Christian churches each year, 2022

But there are not nearly enough trained pastors or Bible teaching programs to meet this growth.


Number of Christian pastors and priests in the world today

0 k
0 %

Number of the world’s Christian pastors and priests with formal biblical training


Number of years that the developing world is behind the West in education

or less

Average number of completed years of schooling across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

0 %

If all the world’s current biblical training institutions operated at 120% capacity…

0 %

…they could train only 10% of the world’s five million pastors and priests. 

This Is Where We Come In.

21C International trains pastors and church leaders in developing nations so that they can disciple all the new Christians there.
Here is our process.

1. It all starts with Facebook.

Through our Facebook community, we meet Christian organizations around the world who request training for their pastors.

2. Then we get down to work.

We choose like-minded partners from among these organizations. With their input, we tailor and translate our curriculum for pastors in their regional networks.

3. From there, we're on the move. 

We host leadership seminars in our partner countries, teaching biblical truth to thousands of pastors among the 95% who have no formal training.

4. We extend the gift of trust.

We share our print curriculum with pastors chosen by our partners. We place trust in these pastors and send them on to create more leaders.

5. A chain reaction sparks.

Through our Timothy Program, trained pastors make faithful leaders who make faithful disciples. And Jesus' Great Commission continues.

6. We check in with our friends.

We follow up with our international partners to discuss progress, provide resources, and give guidance and encouragement.

And This Is Where You Come In.

At every point in our process is a place for your compassion, gifts, and talents.
21C is the purposeful, rewarding cause you’ve been looking for.

The 21C Difference

Exponential, not additive, growth of pastors and churches.

Long-term, not short-lived, change among emerging Christian communities. Here’s how we make it happen.

Inputs Over

Local Over
Organizational Ownership

Over Control

Most pastor training programs focus on outcomes: accredited pastors. But there are only so many pastors you can oversee directly. So in this model, growth is limited and slow. 21C International focuses on inputs: Christian curriculum of exceptional integrity. We make it impeccable yet adaptable, and enduring yet portable. We present it in person. And then we hand it off, trusting the pastors we train to be trainers too.

When we train pastors, we minister with them.
We do not minister to them or for them.

So the Christian growth that follows belongs to them.
And to their churches and communities. Not to us.
It’s their growth, not ours.

We do not try to establish a Western-style church or install a Western presence. We are simply visiting brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our partner organizations are our trusted cultural advisors. We give them the freedom to invite pastors and church leaders to seminars and identify Timothy Program candidates among them. The men and women we train are earnest Christians, insightful students, and devoted community leaders. We give them the freedom to make more leaders with the Bible knowledge we share. Freedom fosters learning and compounds growth. Too much control only stifles this process.

Help us run this race.

As Christianity takes off in developing nations, let’s keep pace with pastors and church leaders who can defend the faith.