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Modern Biblical Training for
Pastors in Developing Nations

Our Curriculum.

Their Language.

Their Culture.

Their Growth.

Most of the world’s pastors have no access to sound, formal biblical training.

21C International brings it to them on their terms.

Why We’re Here

In the Global South, Christianity is on fire with growth.
And current biblical training programs aren’t keeping up.

Millions of under-resourced pastors can’t gain entry to them.
Non-Western cultures can’t relate to them.
New churches can’t thrive while waiting for them.

So 21C International is building new biblical training models for the global age. We’re preparing a rising generation of pastors and church leaders to disciple, encourage, and care for a new generation of  Christians.

How We’re Different

The world has thousands of biblical training programs.
But they don’t work for most of the world’s pastors, and they don’t grow Christianity on a world-sized scale.

21C International has the reach and results that others don’t.
Here’s how.

No One Left Behind

Other pastor training programs demand a high school education. But there are five million Christian pastors worldwide, and more than three million of them have never been to high school. Most of them are in the Global South, with less than five years of any education at all. This is who we train.

Student Centric vs. Program Centric

We train in person, in emerging nations where pastors and church leaders seek biblical truth. We also train via social media because these pastors and church leaders rely on it. Their internet service can’t support the digital coursework that other programs require.

Exponential vs. Additive Growth

We train Christian leaders who train other Christian leaders. In this way, 21C multiplies strong global congregations. With other biblical training programs, growth is slower: one pastor at a time for one church at a time.

Long-Term vs. Short-Lived Change

We train in local languages, make the most of local resources, and connect pastors and church leaders with local peer networks. This means we equip local Christian communities to sustain themselves. Other programs support these communities only through ongoing sponsorships.

Come With Us!

Follow along through daily videos as we visit different parts of the world.

On the Move Podcast

A podcast about missions, international ministry, and how God is changing lives around the world.

Pastor Maureen’s Story

“After receiving the training, I learned so much, and saw that I was blessed. I went on and started a training somewhere else, where I am with students whom I have been teaching the Word of God.”

You’re Part of This Adventure

When Christian leaders across the globe look for biblical training, vast numbers of them come away lost, uninspired, or empty-handed.

We cross oceans to fill that gap. And we need you on the journey.
Join us as a prayer warrior, donor, or volunteer.