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110+ members strong, it is our champion and our rock.
It is our honor to invite you to be part of it.

What is the 21C Prayer Team?

They’re behind and ahead of everything we do.

A Stateside Army

Most of the prayer team are people we’ve met through the U.S. churches where we’ve worked, worshiped, and visited.

All have a heart for advancing and protecting Christianity in the developing world.

A Force for Change

With every milestone we reach, we look back and see the power of prayer. It is the reason for the progress we’ve made in training thousands of pastors and church leaders across the globe.

A Flexible Way to Serve

As part of the 21C prayer team, you can pray at whatever time, in whatever place, and in whatever way you like. Occasionally the team hosts online prayer that you can join if you wish. 

When You Join the Prayer Team

We’ll send you a brief update twice per month.

It’s a short email that helps to guide your prayers. It includes a few current highlights from the ministry and a comment or two from us.

We’re not wordy. Reading time is five minutes or less.

Join the Prayer Team Today.

Complete the following form, and you’re on board! We’ll send you our most recent email update, and we’ll be grateful for your prayers.


Looking for Other Ways to Help?

Your gifts, talents, and passion matter at 21C.