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Margaret L. Williams

Board of Directors
Kimball, SD
Currently lives in:
Midway, UT
Can’t wait to:
Share the vision of 21C with others and support this great work of God. Those who have not had the opportunity to study the scriptures are being blessed with formal training, which is magnifying God.

Margaret has always been able to spot needs in the Christian community and then build solutions with the vision, innovation, and work ethic typically seen in startup founders. And she is, in fact, a founder. 

At Mountain Life Church in Park City, Utah, where she came to know Steve and Leanne, Margaret launched the Crisis Response Team and served as its leader for almost 10 years. During that time, she led teams into the aftermath of natural disasters on more than 25 trips all over the USA. Margaret and her teams were both a physical force and a spiritual comfort. They rebuilt countless homes and helped countless devastated families begin to rebuild their lives too. 

Closer to home, in Heber City, UT, Margaret worked with local law enforcement to organize trauma training. Together with the police and other volunteers, Margaret shaped a program that offered counsel and resources to families experiencing an unexpected death. 

Margaret and her husband, Roger, have made their missions generational, too. They helped their son, an ophthalmologist at Duke University, start a not-for-profit called Help Mercy. The organization benefits Macha Hospital in Zambia and funds an HIV clinic there. Their son also spends two months each year in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Honduras, and other countries performing cornea transplants and cataract surgeries and teaching local doctors.

Margaret credits Bible Study Fellowship for her deep faith, her daily time in the Word, and her scriptural knowledge. She’s been a BSF Group Leader for seven years and a member for more than 25 years.

Regarding her love of missions, she credits the early years in her marriage for that. As a young couple, Margaret and Roger lived in Papua New Guinea for three years with their children. The family made trips to Honduras, the Philippians, Haiti, and Zambia, and before that, they camped and tented in the Australian Outback when their daughter, now a traveling surgical nurse, was only months old.

Since 2013 Margaret has worked for Mountain Life Church, first as a bookkeeper, then in multiple assistant and co-executive roles, and now as Director of Staff. Before her work at the church, she was a financial executive in senior roles with various banks and investment companies.

In addition to their daughter and son, Margaret and Roger have three grandchildren aged 19, 17, and 15. Margaret enjoys playing the harp, reading, hiking, and in winter, cross-country skiing at their home near the Wasatch Mountain State Park Headquarters.