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Leanne White

Leanne White

Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Currently lives in:
Venice, FL
Home church:
The Bridge Church
Can’t wait to:
Continue evolving 21C’s cross-cultural training techniques and mentor its U.S.-based trainers in them.

Ever since a short-term mission trip in college, Leanne has known she wanted to make missions a part of her life. After marrying Steve and having children, she focused on her family and her local church for a season. She poured her creativity, communications skills, and organizational ability into raising her daughter and son, and into various administrative positions wherever the family lived.

Then in 2016, she went with Steve on a pastor training trip to Haiti. It deepened her love for missions and sparked a profound admiration for devoted church leaders in impoverished countries. Most of all, it gave her a vision for her life. She questioned that vision, prayed about it, shared it with Steve, and then questioned and prayed some more. And it eventually became 21C International.

Today Leanne leads 21C alongside Steve. She develops training methods, contributes to the curriculum, coordinates with partners, and helps organize training seminars. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. She’s also a fantastic vacation planner with tons of travel tips for your next getaway.