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Christianity’s Massive Growth, the Crisis Blocking the Way, and How We’re Coming to
the Rescue

If you’re discouraged about the West’s decline in faith, take heart: Christianity is spreading like wildfire globally.

But this growth is fragile.

We’re in a battle to protect it, overcome the threats, and make guardians of the faith everywhere.

Come and see the epic journey we’re on.

What You'll Find Inside

  • Powerful testimonies and pleas for help from on-the-ground pastors in Africa and Asia.
  • The shocking scale of the pastoral training crisis that no one knows about.
  • The solution hidden in plain sight in the pages of the Gospel itself.
  • How 21C International is solving the crisis on multiple geographical and spiritual fronts.
  • Our innovative program that draws on ancient wisdom to serve 40,000 pastors and counting — including a free sample of our training resources.
  • Ways you can come aboard the journey from wherever you are.

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